Flying Horse Community Information

Flying Horse, CO

It will be clear to you from day one here that Flying Horse® is a remarkable golf course community on every level. However, with all its wonderful amenities and the championship level golf course, it would fall just a little bit short were it not in such a phenomenal location in El Paso County. The western portion of this scenic county is extremely mountainous; the eastern portion is equally breathtaking, featuring prairie land where dairy cows and beef cattle are the main source of ranchers' income. The altitude ranges from about 5,095 feet on the southern border at Black Squirrel Creek to 14,110 feet on the summit of Pikes Peak, near the western boundary. The natural physical beauty of the area, situated at the base of Pikes Peak and with an uninterrupted view of the Front Range, inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write the poem ?America the Beautiful? after her visit to the county.

The mild climate, on average, supplies 285 days of sunshine, 15 inches of rain, 35 inches of snow, and very low levels of humidity. With over 150,000 acres (230 square miles) of open space, El Paso County is also a year-round sports paradise, offering hunting, fishing, camping, mountain climbing, hiking and soaring. In addition, county residents and visitors enjoy equestrian and rodeo sports, golf, the United States Olympic Training Center, the Pike Peak Center, the World Arena Ice Hall, and much more.

Flying Horse features its own Intranet with information about activities, events, clubs, local retailers and restaurants; in short, everything that makes living in Flying Horse more convenient and fun. The site, also allows access to The Club to make tee times, reservations for the spa, or dinner reservations.

The Clubhouse at Flying Horse

The Clubhouse at Flying Horse is over 40,000 square feet with large terraces and an outdoor fireplace where members can fully enjoy the beautiful views of the Front Range and the Flying Horse® Golf Course. As a special treat, Members enjoy an abundance of culinary delights and a superb service staff when they dine at the Clubhouse. Dining selections include a golfer?s grille, an upscale family dining room and fine dining. In addition, private dining options include a large ballroom with views of the golf course or more intimate rooms in the wine tunnel.

The Athletic Club and Spa at Flying Horse

The Athletic Club and Spa at Flying Horse offers a menu of facilities and services that are unmatched anywhere outside most prestigious private clubs. The Athletic Club and Spa includes state-of-the-art athletic equipment, a business center with Internet, fax and wireless computer services, food and beverage services, and a professional concierge staff to assist with errands, reservations and everything in between.

Schools in Flying Horse, CO

The Discovery Canyon Campus in Flying Horse is clearly in a class all its own. With its District 20 affiliation, the Campus, located at the north end of Flying Horse, is a wonderful addition to Colorado Springs' excellent academic institutions. Featuring seamless curricula for grades K-12, Discovery Canyon is heading in a bold new direction in contemporary education, one that allows multiple schools to share common grounds in pursuit of uncommon academic goals.

Built in a natural ?canyon,? the Campus provides a safe, secluded setting that integrates all grade levels in a forward-thinking, content-rich study program. Here, lower campus structures accommodate elementary and secondary students; upper campus structures cater to the requisites of upper classmen; and common walkways connect the entire facility into a logical, unified entity. With a unique location, perfect for environmental studies, the setting drives home the school?s math and science emphasis.